Holistic MD who founded Florida Marijuana Institute found dead of alleged suicide

On Sunday, November 11th, 2018, Dr. Russell T. Bain, full of life, allegedly committed suicide taking his own life. We are told there are no witnesses. From what we have been able to find, little to nothing was written up about him and four days after he died, his funeral services were held.

That’s awfully quick.

Dr. Bain, who had practiced medicine for 27 years,  was the founder of the Florida Medical Marijuana Institute and dispensed CBD oil to his patients (he was legally authorized to prescribe medical marijuana for children and adults with qualifying medical conditions).

“A board-certified pediatrician, Bain, 56, expanded his professional horizons when he encountered patients, young and old, suffering severe pain due to a number of diseases and afflictions for which they already were being treated. Saying the few authorized medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida are at least two months behind in qualifying applicants, Bain explained, “I don’t want these patients to wait. After all, a doctor is supposed to relieve pain and suffering.”1

And Bain believed in CBD because he had seen its results (he also loved that using the oil was part of a holistic approach to medicine) in those he cared for, most of who suffered from “lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, diabetes, anxiety, insomnia or a combination of these, plus chronic pain.”2

(If you click here you can see photos of Bain with his patients or post your condolences publicly.)

In conjunction with CDB treatment, Bain used a Bemer to help his patients manage their pain. (Made in Sweden, approved by the FDA, and used by NASA, the electronic device is a mat you lay on that increases blood flow by 30 percent, which aids in speeding recovery from a “variety of ailments as well as reducing pain, improving energy, strength, cardiac function, and mental acuity, among others.”3)

He is described by his local paper, Tampa Bay Times, AS holistic. And his own patients (or their parents since he’s a pediatrician) stated publicly that he allegedly said his healthiest patients were the unvaccinated.

Our hearts go out to his family and friends. This is a curious case and one we will keep our eyes on.

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