Belfast cannabis smoking “festival” to occur in botanic gardens on April 20th

April 20th is often referred to as 4/20 which has been well established as an international day cannabis of appreciation. This year on Saturday, 20th April 2019 we invite each and every one of you to attend and exercise your rights to consume cannabis.

Last year, hundreds if not thousands of people congregated in Botanic gardens, Belfast to peacefully partake in this world renown festival.

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We now know undeniably that this plant is a naturally occurring medicine that treats and helps fight autism, epilepsy, pains, cancers and much much more. We need to stand up for our rights as citizens and consumers of this herb to be able to exercise our rights without fear of prosecution.

“We will continue to advocate the use of cannabis as a medicinal herb until its inevitable  full plant rescheduling occurs and legislation is held in the favour of the consumer not government nor corporation” – Peadar Robinson.

Cannabis could potentially be legalised throughout most of the western world following a world health organisation report, regarding the current scheduling of Cannabis Sativa -L and each of its variants, which is due this March 2019.


We remain very hopeful that this plant will one day be totally decriminalised and accessible via our National health service as a viable alternative to many toxic, radiated and highly addictive forms of medication that are seemingly pushed onto us with little to no foresight or precursory warning to their many and often very detrimental side effects.

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