The Hemp Battery Performs Better Than The Lithium Battery

This article is written to layout the experimental results of the power a hemp battery possesses against the lithium power cell.

The Experiment


An experiment was conducted to perform a comparison check on the performance of hemp batteries and lithium batteries. The hemp battery and the lithium battery was connected in the circuit at separate times and three curves were monitored – one the Amps curve, the second being the Volts curve and the third one being the Volts by Amps curve with the sampling record set to be once every second for a total of ½ hour. The test was conducted by stressing both – the hemp as well as the lithium cells in the same equipment to the same degrees.


The Observation

When the Volts by Amps curve was observed for both the cells it was found that the power underneath the hemp cell was a value of 31 while that of the lithium cell had a value of just 4.


The Conclusion

From the experiment results, you can conclude that the performance of hemp cell is significantly better than the lithium cell.


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